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2016-09-01 Lluís Vilanovarules: [dia-layers-pdf] Add new rule to select Dia...
2016-09-01 Lluís VilanovaConvert figures if source is newer than target
2016-09-01 Lluís VilanovaIgnore rules defining "source" or "target" on their...
2016-09-01 Lluís VilanovaUse python string formatting to reference named groups...
2016-09-01 Lluís VilanovaAllow rules to reference regexp named groups
2016-09-01 Lluís VilanovaFix default suffix logic
2016-09-01 Lluís Vilanovarules: Make sure target file names are not empty
2016-09-01 Lluís VilanovaAdd support for implicit target suffix
2016-08-25 Lluís VilanovaFix Dia->PDF conversion
2016-08-25 Lluís VilanovaGeneralize error-finding regexp
2016-08-25 Lluís VilanovaDo not require a main TeX file
2016-08-25 Lluís VilanovaAdd SVG->PDF conversion
2016-08-25 Lluís VilanovaAdd Dia->PDF conversion
2016-08-25 Lluís VilanovaInitial contents
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